What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center provides free tutorial help to all enrolled Urshan students, graduate and undergraduate, for any writing project.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to help guide our students through the writing process so they can have the tools to produce quality compositions through college and beyond.



The Writing Center primarily offers advice concerning the global issues of a paper (thesis, development, and organization). The Writing Center is not a proofreading service and the consultant will not “fix” a paper line by line for the student. Minimal notes will be made regarding grammar, punctuation, style, and conventions. These notes will draw attention to patterns in the student’s writing. Writing Center services are provided to help the student comprehend the nature of problem areas in order to address these areas him or herself. We will help our students in any stage of the writing process


Distance Learners

Our services are available to distance learners via email. You can expect to receive your paper back within two to three business days from confirmation of submission. During mid-terms and finals the turnaround time may be longer, so students are encouraged to be proactive.

See the Distance Learner process on the Make an Appointment page.


Making an Appointment

While walk-ins are fine, we may not be able to spontaneously address the scope of your need. That is why we encourage students to make appointments through this web site so we can give appropriate attention to your project.


Hours of Operation

MONDAY  8am – 12pm

TUESDAY 8am – 12pm

WEDNESDAY 8am – 12pm

THURSDAY 8am – 12pm

FRIDAY 8am – 12pm

All afternoon hours are by appointment only.